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Items of Interest Now Required / Wanted by Request


We now require in Your interests the following Items which are now wanted by request from our current Registered & Registering Buyers as Follows:

Platinum, Gold, & Silver Jewellery Some containing Precious or Semi Precious Stones 

Solid Silver or Good Plated Items of Interest

Quality Designer & Period Watches 

Chinese & Japanese Art on Silk or in Water Colour & Wood Block Print

Indian Art & Works of in All Types including both Period & Contemporary  

Other European Art & Works of in All Types including Period, Designer, & Contemporary Style

Chinese & Japanese works of Art including : 

Jade & Jade Jewellery

Cast Bronze Items

Silver Items, including Jewellery, 

Finely Carved Coral Items 

Studio Stoneware & Decorated Stoneware Porcelain 

Finely Carved or Shaped Wooden Items

Carved Marble

Any other good examples of Quality Chinese & Japanese works of Art

Period, Designer, & Modern Motor Vehicles of All Types in Good Condition or Requiring some Repairs

We would also like to acquire in the interests of our Sellers for potential Consignment to Show & Sell!

All Other Good Quality Period, Designer, & Modern Items of all Types, as Categorised on our Website. which are also Urgently Required to keep up with the ever increasing now registered demand from our Buyers for these Items!

Please contact Show & Sell at your earliest convenience if you have any of the above Item's now urgently Required for Sale!

Of course in the first instance we will be only to happy to give you a fully Researched no obligation Authentic Market Valuation on your Item or Items so you can make an informed decision to consider any potential Consignment & Showing of your Item or Items for Sale! 

For full details on our free Researched Authentic Market Valuation Service please see our Valuation page, & for further details on potentially Consigning you Item or Items for Showing & Sale please see our Consignment Pages!


Please Register your Interest for any of your Wanted / Required Items if they are not currently available for Purchase through our Website & Mobile App!

Please note that Show & Sell only have the Facility to Obtain by Request The PERIOD, DESIGNER & MODERN Items as Listed in our set Categories which from our research covers most desired Items of Interest!