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​Privately & Commercially Consigning your Items for a 

Free Researched Authentic Market Valuation & Sale

Firstly in your interests we will need to obtain as much information you are able to provide from you as possible on your Item, this can be done simply via our submission form below, by email, phone, or in person if you want to visit us about your Item for Sale, we may also be able to arrange a visit to You if you have multiple Items to Sell! 

Some of the important information we require will include: 

  • What your Item Is, its Type, & a full Description.
  • Good Photo's (As advised below).
  • The Condition of your Item. 
  • It's Dimensions & Measurements. 
  • It's ID which could be a Hallmark, its Country of origin, a Signature, or a Designer mark. 
  • We will also need any History or Provenance on your item especially if its a Higher value item or if its of a Certain period, Manufacturer, or recognised Artist or Designer. 
  • Most Importantly we will need to know what you think its Worth?

I know this sounds ironic when were offering you a free Researched Authentic Market Valuation! But we do need to know! This is simply to establish if your possibly slightly Overvaluing your item, or better still in your interests if your Undervaluing your item! 

Don't worry if you can't give us all the information on your item, but all this information will help your Buyer make an informed decision on their Purchase of Your Item.

Photo's, please remember, selling anything on the Internet is a lot of the time down to how good it looks in a photo, yes what the Item is, where it's from, & how much it costs help as well, but a lot of the time a Buyer will make their decision to Buy from seeing just the initial photos of the Item, so here's a few tips on how to get your Item Potentially sold Quickly & for its Fair Market Value!

Your Photos, firstly a good clear white background around your Item can do Wonders for its Colour its Style its Interest & its Type!

This can simply be achieved by using a sheet or sheets of white paper on smaller items, a white vinyl or very clean white table cloth on medium size items, & a large very clean white sheet behind larger items or Furniture or you can simply use a light coloured wall but try & take the picture head & side on so you don't see your possible multi coloured carpet, & always make sure there is nothing else showing in the picture!

Next is taking good Angles to really show your Item well, so always try & find the best front angle of your item for the main photo, then take a picture of its back, its side, & its base or its ID! Having four different images is always the best!

Finally the important bit is always to take a picture of your Items ID like its Hallmark, or Signature, or County of Origin, or possibly its Type Mark! The best way to do this is find the right angle with your camera & get in as close as you can when you take the picture, but always make sure its in focus as with all your pictures!

You will be surprised but a lot of great photos can be achieved simply by using a smart phone camera, or possibly an I pad, some even have different photo options which can give you even better results, of course if you do have a digital camera where your pictures data can also be uploaded to your computer & sent to us that's even better!



Once you are Ready with all your required Information as listed above on your Item to get your Free Authentic Researched Market Valuation & submit your Item for Its Potential Showing & Sale simply send them to us including your Full Contact details including your Name, Contact numbers, & Email on the submission form below



What it is, It's Type, It's Condition, It's Measurements, It's ID, It's History, Your Estimated Value? Photos Sent Yes / No?
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Alternatively you can contact us the other ways with your Items Information, but we will need to see your Images, or just simply come down to our High Street Gallery where we can if required take Images of your Item in our designated photo areas gather your Information then carry out your Researched Authentic Valuation & contact you with our findings ready for your potential Consignment for Showing & Sale!

We can also subject to time scales & only if required visit your Private Residence or Commercial Premises at your request to take Images of your possible multiple Items using our designated Photo backgrounds gather & list all the Information on your Items then carry out our free researched Valuations on them & contact you with our findings to arrange your potential Consignment for Showing & Sale!

Please note due to the nature of our Business we cannot give instant Authentic Market Valuations only initial assessments as all Items have to be Researched in your interests! 

Please note we also do not have any facilities to hold or store any items once listed for SALE unless by agreement in our Gallery subject to availability, or Items temporarily held for Pre Sale inspection & Pre Viewing potential Purchase, or BUYER Collection! 

Once we have obtained as much information & Images on your Item in your Interests as possible we will be ready to carry out your free Researched Authentic Market Valuation & arrange your potential Consignment for Showing & Sale!

At this point our full research on your Item will begin, this will comprise of an initial experienced assessment by us, followed by a full internet search including any referencing e books of similar items to potentially gain more valuable information, we will then check some recognised sale & auction sites to obtain some more possible value indications, & the possible rarity of your item!

Once we have carried out all this extensive Research in your interests on your Item we will then be in a position to give you our now informed Current Authentic Market Valuation!

This will be sent to you by email if Required, discussed with you by Phone, or in Person if Requested!

When you are happy with our researched Valuation & potential findings on your Item then you are ready for its potential Consignment, for Showing & Sale we will then by your agreement using the Information & Images collected create your Items listing on our Website & Mobile App within its Category & Sub Category ready for its Potential Purchaser!

Please note that on some Items we will request to see the Item at our Valuation Consignment Gallery that you potentially wish to Sell! This is simply to carry out our full Authentic Researched Valuation in your interests! 

This is normally Requested on Jewellery containing Precious or Semi Precious Stones, on some Solid Silver, on some Pictures & Prints, some Miscellaneous Items, some Books & Ephemera, Digital Cameras, Electrical items including Lights which must be Professionally PAT tested before they can be sold.

Motor Vehicles if Driveable will also require a possible Inspection which we can fully carry out in the designated Loading Bay opposite our Valuation, Consignment, Delivery, Collection Gallery or by arrangement with you where they are Privately or Commercially located!