SHOW & SELL live!


Terms & Conditions on how we Conduct our Business Services & Transactions

We would like to advise you our Terms & Conditions are laid out in the context of three parties: 

Show & Sell live, Our Sellers, & Our Buyers

The use of our Website, App, & High Street Gallery of Show & Sell live is for the purpose of Showing quality items of interest that are for Sale by our Sellers & available for Purchase by our Buyers.


All Items sold by our Sellers or purchased by our Buyers through our Show & Sell Website, App & High Street Gallery will be researched Authenticated & valued at a fair Market price at all times. 

These Items may also be required by request & agreement for an actual first hand initial pre view inspection subject to there type prior to any agreed researched market valuation, consignment, & submission for sale by our Sellers or potential purchase by our Buyers.

Although we rely to some existent on the integrity & honesty of our Sellers with regard to the information & images we collect from them on their Items in order to carry out our, Valuation, & Website services on their behalf in the interests of our Buyers we will also carry out a Final Full Inspection of Each Item where possible prior to its confirmed Buyers Collection.

If any Item after our Full inspection is Deemed by Show & Sell to be not as described by its Seller it will be Returned without question, & its confirmed Buyer will be fully Refunded all Payments made.

Please note in this situation should it arise The Seller will still be Liable for all initial agreed costs to Show & Sell for their Items Consignment & Subsequent Sale through our Website, Mobile App & High Street Point.

If this Payment is not made as Requested by our Seller it will be Recorded & Will be Taken from any Subsequent Sale Payment Due on Any further future Items Consigned & Sold through our Website & Mobile App!

If any Item Valued Consigned & listed to Show & Sell is Withdrawn or Sold else where with in Two weeks at the same Researched Value given by Show & Sell we will still require our agreed Consignment fee & an agreed Selling fee of between 1 to 5% please note this is simply to cover our time & costs involved.

If this Payment is not made as Requested by our Seller it will be Recorded & Will be Taken from any Subsequent Sale Payment Due on Any further future Items Consigned & Sold through our Website & Mobile App!

All Payments made by Reserve Deposit or any Full Payments Confirmed on purchases must be Paid in Full within all noted time scales through our Website, Mobile App, or High Street Point prior to the Delivery or Collection of any Items Purchased.

If they are not Paid our Buyers Fees of between 1 to 3.5% will still be Liable for Payment as noted to cover our costs. 

If this Payment is not made as Requested by our Buyer it will be Recorded & Will be Requested with any Subsequent Purchase Payment Due on Any further future Items Purchased through our Website & Mobile App!

Although every Item for sale on our site is researched authenticated & Market Valued, & all information on each item is clearly listed, Show & Sell cannot be held accountable for any misleading information we have been provided with on any Items for Sale on our Site. Please note this does not affect our noted refund policy if an item is deemed by us to be not as described by our seller.

When dealing with any complaints should they arise Show & Sell will always try to come to an agreeable solution for all parties involved, but if this is not possible Show & Sell hold the right to decide fairly on any outcome & this decision will be final.

All payments through Show & Sell live will be processed securely & professionally adhering to any commercial payment requirements Legally Required in the interests & for the protection of our Sellers & Buyers.

Further to this some of our payment options will require certain information or identification in order to be processed.

Please Note due to the Application of our Website & Mobile App Show & Sell cannot offer any Warranties' on any Items Purchased through our site as all Items are purchased as Described & in their current Condition, if however an Item you have Purchased through our Site develops a Fault within a reasonable time frame, Show & Sell will give this consideration subject to the issue involved!

 Our Strict Privacy Policy concerning your Personal or Business Information

Please be advised that we will only use your Requested or Required Information by strict Agreement! Further to this Your information is only used as required & agreed by you in order for us to provide our Professional Service & Completion of any Transactions through our Website, App, or High Street Gallery as Agreed, Requested, & required by our Business.

Your information will be protected at all times, & never be disclosed to any third parties, or offered to any outside company for the purpose of marketing or for any other purpose.