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Once Your Purchase Payment has been Accepted Your Receipt for Purchase will be emailed directly to you, 

SHOW & SELL live! Will then contact you for Your Items Collection which is normally within 3 to 4 working Days of your received Payment, on Larger Items which are to be Delivered Show & Sell will contact you for Your Items Delivery directly from Your Seller within 5 to 6 Working Days.

Please Note the reason why Show & Sell have to take Online Payments through this Page is due to the fact that each Items Price is unique to that Item & most Items are one off only Purchases!


We have now made the decision not to use Pay Pal Online Payments on our Website & Mobile App, this is due to the fact that Pay Pal have made changes to their current Online Payment Policies which now includes a set high rate Online Payment Charge to use their facility which SHOW & SELL would have no choice but to charge to our Prospective Buyers as our Reducing Purchase Charges are already low!

However all our Prospective Buyers will now be pleased to know we now have a new Online Payments agreement with 

takepayments who work in Partnership with Barclaycard & Barclays Bank, who offer a much more straight forward service at a reduced Online Payment Charge!