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Did you know the Chinese were recycling a long time before anyone had ever heard of doing it! 

One way they used to do it was by using any waste Ivory, Marble, & other Stones from their carvings & making early Composite Figures & other Items using a clay & lost wax mould, natural tree Resin was used to bind & create this composite mixture, which was then heated for the mould, this is not to be mistaken with the man made plastic machine moulded polymer resins used much later that a lot of us recognise today!

This form of Recycling was also adopted by many European countries using a similar procedure in particular Italy favoured this new form of Recycling to produce many Miniature's of their Worldwide renown Sculptures! 

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We would like to Advise you in our interest to the environment we try to remain paperless by using email notifications at all times if possible for SELLERS & BUYERS Receipts & Statements, we also try to use recycled products in all our Marketing & Packaging items, & finally we also try to save fossil fuels by arranging same day Collections & Deliveries on larger items!