SHOW & SELL live!


Here is how we will carry out 

Your Free Researched Authentic Market Valuation

Once we have obtained as much information & Images on your Item in your Interests as possible (As noted on our Private & Commercial Consignment Pages)!

We will be ready to carry out your free Authentic Market Valuation & potential Showing & Sale!  


At this point our research on your Item will begin, this will comprise of an initial experienced assessment by us, followed by a full internet search including any referencing e books of similar items to potentially gain more valuable information, we will then check some recognised sale & auction sites to obtain some more possible value indications, & the possible rarity of your item! 

Once we have carried out all this extensive Research in your interests on your Item we will then be in a position to give you our now informed Current Authentic Market Valuation! 

This will be sent to you by email if Required, discussed with you by Phone, or in Person if Requested!

When you are happy with our researched Valuation & potential findings on your Item & you are ready for its potential Consignment, Showing, & Sale! 

We will then by your agreement using the Information & Images collected create your Items listing on our Website & Mobile App within its Category & Sub Category ready for its Potential Purchaser!